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This page last updated 05/31/2003



Teams denoted with * receive trophies

1* Rugrats III 2,133 BIGGSVILLE YABA Ray's Country Fun
2* Racing Raptors 2,112 DECATUR YABA Pla Mor Lanes
3* The Gators 2,110 FREEPORT YABA 4 Seasons
4* The Fireballs 2,092 QUINCY AREA YABA Casino Lanes
5 Johnsburg Little Giants 2,081 MC HENRY COUNTY YABA Johnsburg Bowl
6 Fulton I 2,080 FULTON COUNTY YABA Linn Lanes
7 Pioneer Lanes 2,079 JOLIET AREA YABA Pioneer Lanes
8 Red Cedar Bumpers 2,055 KANKAKEE YABA Red Cedar Lanes
9 Lake County Bantam Boys 2,034 LAKE COUNTY YABA Rynish Bowling Center
10 Macomb X 2,033 MACOMB YABA Diggers College City Bowl
11 The Ten Pinners 2,028 GENESEO YABA Lees Lanes
12 Matuszyk III 2,010 KEWANEE YABA Dura Bowl
13 The Brats 1,993 DECATUR YABA Pla Mor Lanes
14 Showtime Lanes 1,986 SPRINGFIELD AREA YABA Showtime Lanes
15 Red Cedar Smashers 1,974 KANKAKEE YABA Red Cedar Lanes
16 The Fearsome 4 1,936 SOUTHWESTERN ILLINOIS YABA Baden Bowl
17 South Holland Strikers 1,933 CHICAGO METRO YABA South Holland Lanes
18 American Eagles 1,928 ILLINOIS BPA/YABA Parkside Lanes
19 Evil Midgets 1,925 ILLINOIS BPA/YABA Pheasant Lanes
20 Kid Komodo Dragons 1,921 BELVIDERE YABA Concordia Lanes
21 Stone City Little Guys 1,917 JOLIET AREA YABA Stone City Lanes
22 Greenfield Automotive 1,916 ILLINOIS BPA/YABA Tri County Bowl
23 Country Boys 1,914 CHAMPAIGN URBANA REGIONAL YABA Country Tyme Lanes
24 Lions 1,883 GREATER PEORIA YABA The Christian Center
25 Stanford Indians 1,876 CORN BELT YABA Minier Lanes
26 Dragonball 1,867 JOLIET AREA YABA Strike N Spare II
27 Awesome Dudes 1,852 CHICAGO METRO YABA Amf Bolingbrook
28 Mc Entires Appliance 1,842 LINCOLN YABA Logan Lanes
29 Q's Kids 1,841 CLINTON YABA Clinton Bowl
30 Harrelson Plumbing 1,828 MATTOON YABA Mattoon Bowl
31 Four Bowling Wolves 1,812 GALVA YABA Eastgate Lanes
32 Crown Little Pros 1,803 PRINCETON YABA Crown Lanes Center
33 Lombard Boys 1,755 ELGIN YABA Lombard Lanes
34 J B Vending 1,693 ILLINOIS BPA/YABA Silver Dollar Lanes
35 Heartland Boys 1,682 DANVILLE YABA Bulans
36 Top Dogs 1,681 ROCKFORD AREA YABA Don Carter Lanes


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