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This page last updated February 05, 2004
Illinois State YABA Zone-by-Zone Information
Click on your zone to find out what information is available for your zone.   Each zone will be updated as information is received.  Zone Directors PLEASE give us input for your zone.
If you know which zone you want information for, then click on the zone number on the left.   If you're not sure which zone you're looking for, then click on the map on the right.   This will bring up a larger map that you can use to find your zone.

Zone 1 Director - John Anderson Zone 6 Director - Christine Pasley State Zone Map
Zone 2 Director - Barbara Betts Associate Director- Michelle Pasley
   Associate Director - Ceci Bylls Zone 7 Director - Patti Mauerman
Zone 3 Director - Diane Rosone   
Associate Director - Keith Rosone Zone 8 Director - Pat Moose
Zone 4 Director - Larry Kleckner    Associate Director - Randy McKaufsky
   Associate Director - Mia Teague Zone 9 Director - Arnold Gross
Zone 5 Director - Mike Aiello Associate Director- Mike Schoneman
   Associate Director - Toni Aiello Zone 10 Director - Fran Lowry
   Associate Director - Anna Barlage