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This page last updated 05/31/2003



Teams denoted with * receive trophies

1* Pretzel Power 3,115 FREEPORT YABA 4 Seasons
2* Lake County Junior Girls 3,108 LAKE COUNTY YABA Antioch Lanes
3* G K B 2002 3,076 CORN BELT YABA Minier Lanes
4* Alley Angels 2,936 BELVIDERE YABA Concordia Lanes
5 Southern Belles 2,922 BIGGSVILLE YABA Ray's Country Fun
6 Any Way We Can 2,908 CHICAGO METRO YABA Circle Bowl
7 Delavan Junior Girls 2,906 PEKIN AREA YABA Delavan Lanes
8 Girls Rule 2,890 QUINT-CITIES YABA Milan Lanes
9 The Raiders 2,882 ILLINOIS BPA/YABA Amf Hoffman Lanes
9 Fulton IX 2,882 FULTON COUNTY YABA Four Seasons Bowl
11 5 Bowling Chicks 2,878 QUINCY AREA YABA Casino Lanes
12 Trouble Mania 2,860 SOUTH CENTRAL ILLINOIS YABA Knittig's Bowl
13 Johnsburg Stars & Strikes 2,855 MC HENRY COUNTY YABA Johnsburg Bowl
14 Sweet Girls 2,852 DECATUR YABA Pla Mor Lanes
15 BZ Glendale Hts #10 2,850 ELGIN YABA Brunswick Zone
16 Estamos Ganando 2,814 ILLINOIS BPA/YABA Espo's Entertainment Center
17 Macomb IX 2,807 MACOMB YABA Diggers College City Bowl
18 Brunswick IV 2,805 CHICAGO METRO YABA Bruns Zone River Grove
19 Jr Chicks 2,787 PRINCETON YABA Crown Lanes
20 Bowlers World-King Pin 2,761 SPRINGFIELD AREA YABA King Pin Lanes
21 B A B L K 2,754 ABINGDON YABA Abbe Lanes
22 Bowlin' Chicks 2,733 CORN BELT YABA Amf Circle Lanes
23 Centry 21 2,732 KEWANEE YABA Dura Bowl
24 Skittles 2,726 JOLIET AREA YABA Joliet Town & Country
25 D & W Restaurant 2,724 MATTOON YABA Mattoon Bowl
26 The Pin Heads 2,714 GENESEO YABA Lees Lanes
27 Carroll Lanes #3 2,713 IL STATE ALLIANCE AT LARGE Carroll Lanes
28 Red Cedar Sweepers 2,712 KANKAKEE YABA Red Cedar Lanes
29 Lethal Weapons 2,698 JOLIET AREA YABA Country Lanes
30 Bowling Dolls 2,695 JOLIET AREA YABA Strike N Spare II
31 The Five Dorks 2,690 STERLING YABA Blackhawk Lanes
32 Atlanta Junior Girls 2,677 ATLANTA YABA Atlanta Bowl
33 Perfect 10's 2,625 ROCKFORD AREA YABA The Cherry Bowl
34 Western XI 2,624 CHAMPAIGN URBANA REGIONAL YABA GT's Western Bowl
35 Super Yellow Duckies 2,618 ILLINOIS BPA/YABA Pheasant Lanes
36 Fab 5 2,609 QUINT-CITIES YABA Highland Park Bowl
37 Diane's Best 2,570 GREATER PEORIA YABA Plaza Lanes
38 Pretty In Pink 2,541 SOUTHWESTERN ILLINOIS YABA Stars & Strikes
39 Rent-A-Center 2,325 LINCOLN YABA Logan Lanes


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